How To Choose Christmas Jewelry For Her If You Want To Propose Eventually

One of the biggest questions we get around the holiday season is how to choose Christmas jewelry for her. We often see that men have a general idea that they want to get jewelry for their significant other but find that when they get to the store they don’t know what to get. Pawn shops are a bit different than jewelry stores in that their selection has a lot more variation, but in general these tips ring true in most retail situations. Here are some of our biggest tips for picking Christmas jewelry for her.

Pay Attention To Her Taste

Before you go to shop for a piece of jewelry for her, take note of what types of jewelry she already wears and what those styles are. This can give you a good idea of what she would prefer to get in order to avoid getting something she won’t end up wearing. What color gemstone does she often wear? What color metal? Does she have any allergies to metal? Beyond simply the color and gemstone, think about the size and shape of the jewelry that she already wears. If she prefers dainty jewelry you may not fare well by buying something big and chunky.

On that note, if she never wears earrings or has a lot of necklaces but no bracelets, you would likely do well by buying something that is similar to what she already has. Unless she’s explicitly said that she would like more of any certain item, don’t assume that she wants more of something if she doesn’t have it. When in doubt, too, simple is always best unless you have a really good idea of what she’ll like.

This post from Diamond Buying School talks about the stealthy ways you can get a woman’s ring size and figure out her taste in jewelry. This way you can keep your gift a surprise without taking too big a risk in blowing the surprise.

Be Careful With Rings

First off, ring shopping can be tough if you don’t know her ring size already. Rings are some of the toughest jewelry to shop for because being even one size off can mean the difference of whether it fits or not. With earrings, necklaces, and bracelets this doesn’t matter as much. With pawn shop shopping things rarely come in a variety of sizes, so avoid buying a ring without knowing whether it will fit or not.

Ring shopping also carries the most weight to it around the holidays. Many people propose over the holidays and she (and her family) may make assumptions if they see a ring box as your gift to her. Unless you’ve talked about marriage extensively and are already on the same page, a ring box may send the wrong message. This blog post talks about the etiquette of ring shopping before you get engaged.

Christmas Proposals

That being said, the holidays are one of the best times to propose because it gives you time to plan a wedding in the warmer months. Plus, the proximity to family and generally cheerful time of year means that the news will likely be welcomed with excitement during such a special time. An engagement ring is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give during the Christmas season.

Beyond the ring, proposing involves careful planning and creating a special moment. If there is any place or event that has particular meaning in your relationship around the holidays, that would make a great place to propose. Aside from that there are tons of spaces that get transformed for the magic of the winter holidays that make great places to propose. Take her on a date to see the Christmas lights and end the night with the big question, or simply create a special moment at home in front of the cozy fire.

How To Save Money While Jewelry Shopping

Regardless of what type of jewelry you buy her, it’s likely going to be expensive unless you pick a jewelry store that will help you save. Gems N’ Loans can help you save on jewelry without compromising in your taste and style, so that you can find the perfect piece of jewelry to gift this Christmas season. With five locations scattered throughout Southern California including Dana Point, you have so much opportunity to find an affordable piece of jewelry.